Mineski Global to run Ubisoft’s Rainbow 6 Operation League local qualifiers

Popular game publisher Ubisoft has announced its partnership with Mineski Global that will allow us to operate and handle the Rainbow Six Operation League across four countries in the Southeast Asian region.

The Rainbow Six Operation League Season 1 will involve players from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines. This tournament is the first Rainbow Six tournament to be held in the region. This comes at the heels of the recently-concluded Rainbow Six Pro League Season X, which was held in Japan.

Photo courtesy of IGN Southeast Asia

This tournament boasts a US$10,000 prize pool and each country will be having its own open qualifier which will be taking place in March 2020. Both Ubisoft and Mineski Global are due to announce the final open qualifier dates, and these should be expected across all Mineski Global pages.

A big change due to the entry of the SEA region is that instead of having two seasons for a calendar year, the next Pro League will instead have one big “season” that features a Major in the first three quarters. It will be closed by the Six Invitational, which will be the culminating event of the entire tournament. Regions participating in this format include Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and North America and will each come up with its own competitive structure.

We welcome this development as we will be handling the tournament qualifiers to determine the representatives of each participating Southeast Asian country to the Six Invitational. To further spice up the tournament, various gaming and esports influencers will be tapped to enhance the experience for every player who will attempt to climb the R6 ladder. 

The upcoming Rainbow Six Operations Southeast Asia tournament will not be a one-off event, as it is also part of Ubisoft’s regionalization for its esports program regarding the popular first-person shooting game.

Stay tuned for further information regarding registration and about the league on the MET Events page!