Esports Event Management

MET Events has successfully organized regional esports competitions such as the Manila Masters, the MPGL Asia Championship, and the PVP Esports Championships. Our satellite offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam enable us to implement event production and launches. Each tournament and other esports events bring exciting, immersive experiences to the entire crowd.

Esports Tournaments & Campaigns

Penetrate the ever-growing esports market through mounting your own tournaments, engaging via campaigns, or sponsoring the biggest tournaments.

Pro Team Management

Mineski Pro Teams has earned the reputation of producing winners since 2004. Our approach in team building and management is hands-on, proactive, and objective-driven / success-oriented.

Mineski Academy

Preparing the next generation of esports professionals through certification and ladderized programs designed to hone the technical competency of the students.

  • Allyza "Tayrawr" Taylor
  • Apple David
  • Caisam "Wolf" Nopueto
  • Darwell "Asurai" Llerena
  • Gian "Ilustrado" Bernardino
  • James Velasquez
  • Justin "Vill" Villaseran
  • Manjean Faldas
  • Mika "MikaFabs" Fabella
  • Pocholo "Poch Spice" Estrada
  • Reb "Rebranger" Atadero
  • Tanya Manalang