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Introducing Mineski Global

“Mineski” is a name in the Southeast Asian esports world that has meant different things over the last decade of our operations.

In 2004, “Mineski” was a neighborhood Defense of the Ancients team that dominated the LAN cafes of Metro Manila. Starting 2008, it meant the Mineski Infinity cybercafe franchise, which in eight years would grow to over 130 branches across Southeast Asia. In 2017, “Mineski” was either the world-class professional Dota team or the esports events organizing company, MET Events.

Last December, just before the turn of 2020, we went through yet another evolution. Now, we hope to make “Mineski” mean Mineski Global, the premier esports and gaming agency in Southeast Asia. We have offices in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand, and we are able to operate in many more across Southeast Asia and even across the world.

Let us introduce our Global brand, and its country divisions:

Mineski Global Brand Heirarchy

This branded house is a promise to our clients and partner brands that they can expect a Mineski-level quality of execution in any of our major territories. Mineski Global represents our coordinated regional operations, as well as our ability to partner with brands at both a country-level and at an international level.

This means that we are upgrading our range of services from merely events organizing to ensuring a complete solution for any brand that wishes to enter the esports space. Apart from our expertise in tournament-running and digital broadcast, we now also offer marketing services, pro team management services, and strategic partnerships with engagement platforms that reach the ever-growing gaming audience.

Our portfolio of owned-IPs and Mineski-branded leagues also ensures that we are contributing to the esports ecosystem with products that service gamers directly.

As our organization continues to evolve, our promise to make esports the #1 sport in the world and to unify gamers into communities remains unchanged. Though esports is a large and booming industry, it is a fledgling one, and we will continue to help pioneer in into the mainstream.