Indonesia Pride Weekdays Challenge with Tokopedia

After successfully holding the Garuda Cup in 2018 with Tokopedia, Mineski Indonesia is partnering with one of the largest marketplaces in Indonesia to hold the Tokopedia Indonesia Pride Weekdays Challenge 2020. Indonesia Pride Weekdays Challenge was originally a project of our Mineski Indonesia team to provide more esports content to gamers across the country.

The 2020 edition was planned to turn it into a series of tournaments for four shooting games that runs for an entire month. The four games are namely the wildly-popular Call of Duty Mobile (CODM), Freefire, PUBG Mobile (PUBGM), and Point Blank. The tournament opens on January 13 and will run until April 3, 2020. It is a purely online format that will bring together big teams and challengers to compete for the next three months.

These four games will take turns filling the competition for one full month online through Tokopedia Play and YouTube MineskiTV.ID where each game will last from Monday to Friday. This is Mineski Indonesia’s, together with Tokopedia, answer to the unrest of Indonesian gamers to fill the content void during holidays.

The enthusiasm of esports fans in the country is currently very high, as reported by Pokkt, Decision Lab, and Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) reports that have conducted studies related to games in Indonesia, saying that the number of mobile gamers in the country has reached 60 million. This prompted our Mineski Indonesia team to again hold the Indonesia Pride Weekdays Challenge tournament 2020 in collaboration with Tokopedia, supported by HP and Blackshark.

To make things more exciting, Tokopedia IPWC 2020 will be hosted by well-known casters in the country. For our Indonesian team, they believe that this is also one of the best proving grounds for esports hopefuls. One “graduate” of the IPWC program has been popular Mobile Legends team, ONIC.

Teams who wish to participate can register via the tkp.me/ipwc link , or through social media @ ipwc.mineski and grab the opportunity to get prizes with a total value of up to IDR 120,000,000!