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Mineski Philippines Launches National Interschool Cyber League

As part of our Youth Esports Program, our initiative in the Philippines to develop the country’s next generation of esports talents through student org support, we are launching the inaugural season of the National Interschool Cyber League (NICL).

The NICL will serve as our platform to funnel passionate student competitive gamers towards a national stage. In this first season, the Youth Esports Program partnered school organizations will field teams alongside other registered teams in a tournament open to all college-level students enrolled in SY 2020-21.

What will be the games?

The NICL will have three (3) games in this first season:

  • First Leg (Sept to Nov) – VALORANT
  • Second Leg (Dec to Feb) – TBA mobile game
  • Third Leg (March to May) – TBA mobile/PC game

We will announce the other games as soon as we have secured the license to run them! We would like publisher support for our tournaments so we can deliver the best experience for you.

What is the structure of the NICL?

The NICL is open to ALL Philippine senior high school, college-level, and post-graduate students enrolled in SY 2020-21.

  • Regional Qualifiers – for each game, there will be a 10-week single elimination qualifying round to determine the top 4 from these regions: Luzon, NRC, Visayas, Mindanao. Every match will be broadcasted online via Youth Esports Program streaming channels. Each YEP Chapter org can field one team that automatically skips the first round of the qualifiers!
  • Regional Finals – the top 4 of each region will play in a LAN to determine that region’s single representative team per game.
  • National Finals – each region’s representative for each game will play in a national semifinals bracket where each game’s overall champion will be crowned. We are working to secure a television broadcast for this!

Climb to the national stage, everyone!

What is at stake?

For each game, we will have a base prize pool of P30,000 per regional finals, and P120,000 for the national finals. As we craft more partnerships for the Program, these prizes can increase to have:

  • Scholarship grants
  • More prize money
  • Esports facilities for your school
  • Excluzive prizes straight from game publishers

Of course, our first-ever national winners will also bear the title of the NICL’s debut season champions, earned through defeating hundreds of other teams. 

Some reminders for participating teams!

  • All team members must be enrolled in SY 2020-21.
  • No team members must have a failing grade.
  • Only one member of the team can be from a different school.
  • Each team will only be allowed one player change in their roster in the middle of the season. A reason must be given.
  • Senior high school, college, and post-grad students are allowed. Junior high school and professors are not allowed.

We hope to create an atmosphere of true sport as student teams form, practice, compete, and lose with a hunger to try again next year. For the special few, instead, to win it all at the national level!

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